Original battery for tablet HP TPN-I121,TPN-I122


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Battery Volt:3.8V
Battery Capacity: 8390mAh (33Wh)
Battery Chemistry: Li-Polymer Battery
Condition: new
Warranty: one year

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Why select

1.Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption.

2.Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability.

3.All products are CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified by reputable, qualified and accredited testing laboratories.

4.12 months hassle-free warranty service.

5.Secured packaging includes anti-static bag wrapped with synthetic foam and a sturdy cardboard box – for safe delivery

6.We provide best prices possible on the highest quality products and the most popular brands.


1 Do not disassemble,modify or re assemble the battery.

2 Do not make the battery short circuit.

3 Do not expose the battery to a place where the sun is direct,or placed near other heat sources and chimneys.

4 Do not place the battery in proximity to the flammable,explosive,dangerous goods and corrosive substances.

5 In strict accordance with the local environmental protection laws and regulations, discarded batteries and accessories,Do not handle this product with the family waste.

6 If the battery pack can not be completed within a reasonable period of time to charge,should immediately stop charging.

7 If the battery in the charging process has an unpleasant smell or shell deformation occurs, should immediately turn off the power supply, and unplug the power cord AC power outlet, in order to avoid possible damage or risk.

8 Be sure to place the battery in a place where the baby and the children are not exposed. Do not allow children to play in the absence of supervision in the vicinity of the product and its connection.


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